qaRefPower Srl was born in 2014 with the task to guarantee a highly skilled reparation and supply service of RefComp compressors and original spare parts for the European and Global market.

Its high qualitative standard is ensured thanks to a team composed by people with a know-how of more then twenty years about screw and piston RefComp compressors.

Furthermore RefPower is the exclusive partner able to guarantee Refcomp Integrated Inverters’ reparation and replacement. It can also offer its customers new Inverters further developing this technology in order to meet the market’s necessities to have even more efficient products characterised by high performances.

RefPower is the exclusive partner in Europe market. It assures its customers the best technical and commercial support to choose the products ensuring the quality of the material used, which is tested in Italy by highly-skilled people.

Since July, 2015 RefPower has also been charged as the Exclusive Sales Representative of DunAn for the Italian Market. DunAn is a Multinational Corporation belonging to the HVAC-R field, with plants in Asia and in North America. It is leader for the production of valves and heat exchangers, both tube-fins and Microchannel (condensers and evaporators).

To ensure a more complete service to the HVAC-R market’s players and considering also the growing request for adiabatic technologies used to increase the cooling systems’ efficency , RefPower supplies Cooling PADS suitable for AC and process cooling applications. They grant up to 16% higher efficiency than traditional cooling pads with a lower pressure drop.

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