Series SW


The SW series consists of 16 models whose displacement and nominal motor power range from 118 to 341 m3 /h and from 30 to 125 Hp at 50 Hz respectively. The series is based on the SRC-S range of compact screw compressors, therefore a lot of the structural components are common to both. In this case the capacity control is obtained by a slide valve, both the “4-step” and the “continuous” regulation are available.

  • Highly efficient screw profiles, made by exclusive RefComp technology. The twin-screw solution, with its relative motion of pure rolling between the surfaces, eliminates practically all the contact forces and meshing. The less screws wear, the performance level is longer guaranteed.
  • Efficient capacity control. Through the by-pass or slide valve system, it’s easy to adapt the compressor cooling capacity to the real request. It also reduces the number of starts, which are inconvenient regarding the energetic point of view and the high starting current involved. The time necessary for reaching suction gas superheat is also reduced: it avoids possible problems of liquid backflow to the suction side and, generally, it makes the operating conditions of the whole system more stable.
  • The capacity and efficiency adjustment of the whole cooling system can be further increased by installing compressors in a parallel compound system. The COP of a compound compressor system is based on the efficiency of the compressors working at full load and therefore it’s better than the efficiency that can be reached when using a single compressor, even of greater capacity, that is working at partial load conditions. Similar effects are obtained with the starting current.
  • Performance and energy efficiency can be further increased with the ECOnomizer circuit, in particular for medium and high compression ratios.
Compactness and installation
  • Discharge shut-off valve standard, optional at suction. The shut-off valves can be oriented in 4 positions to guarantee maximum flexibility.
  • Discharge check valve standard.
  •  IP54 protection class for terminal box, suitably designed for easy connection to the power circuits and electric motor protection.
  • Several compressors can be connected in parallel to a single oil separator using a consolidated compounding system. No specific devices need to equalise the flow and distribute the oil.
  • Oil line kit with spare components supplied to be mounted by the final installer on the basis of specific request and/or to make any maintenance operations easier.
  • Oil cooling connections are available for fast connection to the oil line kit compressor

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