Series F

Capacity control

The F series compressors may be delivered together with
a certain number of capacity control steps according to the
following logic.The available capacity control steps are
identified by the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 0; “1” = 1
capacity control step, “2” = 2 capacity control step, “3” = 3
capacity control step, “0” = without capacity control. The
capacity control logic is of an “unloader” type: the part load
operation requires the energising of the solenoid valves


On request the following accessories are available: suction
shut-off valve, anti-vibration dampers kit, capacity control,
special motors, liquid injection kit.

Electrical accessories

The standard and/or optional electrical accessories are
suitable for 230V-1-50/60 Hz. However special voltages
are also available upon request


The parallel compounding of more compressors is possible.
The parallel compounding of two compressors of the
same size can be made using separate equalising pipes for
gas and oil. When connecting more than two compressors
(same or different sizes) the use of oil regulating level devices
is suggested (please consult RefComp in any case).
RefComp recommends to use a by-pass start-unloading
device when a star/delta motor type is used. Such a device
consists in by-passing the gas between discharge and suction
side via an external pipe during the first seconds of
operation, resulting in a reduced resisting torque during the
starting phase (contact RefComp for further information).
Low evaporating/high condensing temperatures may require
the use of a liquid injection system for compressor
additional cooling; the application limits of each refrigerant
have to be considered.

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