RefPower - Dunan Service Valve FJ SERIES

DPF(E) series electronic expansion valve is designed for application in CO2 systems, such as HP water heaters, freezing and refrigeration systems. Thanks to precise control and automatic regulation of refrigerant flow, rapid response to cooling or heating can be achieved, efficiency of system can be significantly improved in turn

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Advanced laser welding technology ensures reliability at high operating pressure level
  • Lower refrigerant running noise
  • New material provides optimized corrosion resistance

Applicable medium: R744 (CO2) + PAG oil
Relative humidity: <=95%
Medium temperature: -30°C…+70°C (energized rate below 50%)
Ambiente temperature: -30°C…+70°C (energized rate below 50%)
Max operating pressure: 14.0 MPa
Intenal leakage:<=600 mL/min (except EEV without shut-off function)
Uni-directional flow
Life cycle: >=50.000