RefPower - Dunan tube-fin heat exchanger

DPF Series electronic expansion valve is mainly composed of step motor and valve needle with magnetic rotor, driven by coil which receives pulse signals from controller. The transmission screw converts the rotary motion of the rotor component into the axial linear motion of the valve needle to regulate the flow area of the valve port, adjusting the refrigerant flow rate

  • Low noise and high control precision

  • Bi-directional flow
  • Low power consumption and wide flow regulation range
  • Superior self-lubricating thread transmission
  • Application spectrum has extended into systems under potentially explosive conditions
  • Plastic packaging anti-corrosion coil
  • Advanced and highly reliable welding
  • Good actuating performance
  • Lightweight and compact construction

Declaration according to PED, LVD, IECEx and UL

Applicable Refrigerant: R134a, R407C, R404A, R410A, R290 and R32
Relative Humidity: ≤95%
Medium Temperature: -30°C~+70°Cenergized rate below 50%
Ambient Temperature: -30°C~+60°Cenergized rate below 50%<
Max. Operating Pressure: 4.5 MPa
Medium Flow Direction: Bi-flow
Life Cycle: ≥100,000