RefPower - Dunan CO2 Solenoid Valve RDF SERIES

By switching the electromagnetic coil to cut off or activate the refrigerant flow, RDFA series solenoid valves are designed for operating in liquid, suction and hot gas lines of CO2 systems, such as HP water heater, freezing and refrigerating systems

  • Material promotion, longer service life, excellent corrosion resistance

  • Performance Optimization, can work under high temperature condition and in a variety of refrigerants
  • Compact structure and shape

Applicable Medium: R744 (CO2) + PAG oil
Relative Humidity: ≤95%
Medium Temperature: -30°C~+120°C
Ambient Temperature: -30°C~+55°C
Max. Operating Pressure: 14.0 MPa
Internal Leakage: ≤ 50mL/min
NC (normally closed), angleway, uni-directional flow
Life Cycle: ≥ 100,000
RDF Series