Compressors overhaul and repair

RefPower can repair or overhaul any models of screw or piston compressor. In particular, decades of experience in the field of “screw” technology, make REFPOWER be one of the few independent operators in the world which is able to repair or regenerate a screw compressor (both single and double-screw) by bringing it back to its original performance conditions. As guarantee of the perfect overhaul, after the repair or regeneration activities, the performances of each compressor are tested on a calorimetric test bench. It simulates, through and through, the functioning of the compressor in a real refrigeration circuit..

Analysis and diagnostics

Regardless of the necessity of a subsequent repair, REFPOWER is able to perform verification and diagnosis on a working/non-working compressor’s condition or operation, both in the workshop or directly on the cooling plants. This service can be provided also in legal form, as Official Technical Consultant or Party-appointed Technical Consultant.

Mechanical processing and motors rewinding

In many cases, during a compressor’s recovery, when a component is recoverable or when the genuine spare part is not more available, REFPOWER can do precision machining to restore the perfect functionality of the worn component. Furthermore, it is also possible the rewinding of the burned electric motor or the conversion of the original motor to other operating voltages.

Temporary replacement and renting

On request, RefPower can supply rental compressors. Such option is particularly useful to avoid the refrigeration machine downtime in case of compressor break, waiting for it to be replaced with a new one (or a regenerated one) or waiting for it to be repaired by RefPower or an affiliated workshop. It also allows to better manage activities of the compressors’ planned maintenance on the plants by ensuring the constant functionality of the plants themselves by avoiding the reduction of cooling production.

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