CO2 Tube-Fin Heat Exchanger

RefPower - Dunan CO2 Check Valve CV(B) SERIES

Newly developed air-cooled fin-tube heat exchanger is specially designed for application in refrigeration and heat pump systems of CO2, which could work either in heating or cooling mode. Inner grooved tubes of diameter Φ5mm and Φ7mm are highlights of this innovated product, which are mainly for residential and light commercial units respectively

  • Φ5mm and Φ7mm inner micro-grooved copper tubes specially for CO2 application

  • Diversity of fin patterns meets various requirements
  • Owing to the small tube size, miniaturization of heat exchanger construction can be achieved, which gives rise to a significant reduction of refrigerant charge as well as material saving
  • High pressure strength
  • Hydrophilic coating and the best drainage performance

Applicable Medium: R744 (CO2) + PAG oil
Relative Humidity: ≤95%

Medium Temperature: -30°C~+120°C
Ambient Temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Max. Operating Pressure:≤9.0 MPa