The long term experience achieved in the traditional heat exchange field has been entirely transferred by DUNAN into the microchannel  technology development. The company is currently one of the leading company of this technology, worldwide. The wide variety of micro-tube/fin available geomtetries, the capability of producing heat exchangers of various shapes, the status-of-the-art and constantly improved production processes, give DUNAN the opportunity to operate in the most various application fields: commercial and industrial AC, precision cooling, refrgerated transport, mobile AC

  • Micro-channel pipes of various width, from 12 mm till 38 mm
  • Max coil lenght: 6000 mm; max coil height 1500 mm
  • 29 standard geometries available, with possibility of further customizations upon request
  • Use of the highest quality materials for tubes (Long Life Alloy AA9153), fin and headers (AA3003)
  • E-coating protection treatment available on request
  • Various connections and supports available


Application with different refrigerants: HFO (R1234ze, R513A, etc), HFC (R410A, R134a, etc), hidrocarbons (R290), glycol water.
Max operating pressure 45 bar
Corrosion resistance: standard min 1000 h, E-coating treatment min 3000 h (SWAAT test, standard ASTM G85-A3)